Marcus ‘Lelo’ Aurelio BFL10 KO

Marcus ‘Lelo’ Aurelio KOs Jose Cornejo at 43 seconds of the first in spectacular fashion – BFL10, Vernon BC.

  1. This is so sick! Lelo is a beast!

  2. Nice kick….this guy is gracefully lethal

  3. That was a much better angle than the other one I saw. Nice kick for sure! Capo looks so sick, and it’s so flashy and entertaining. I just don’t see it being effective against the big dogs/ more all around skilled guys.

    Nice work though Lelo, this guy is putting together a crazy KO highlight reel.

  4. Crazy crazy

  5. Was a great kick! Too bad the ref had to stop it.. Sure didnt look like a K.O at all or even from ring side

  6. When he gonna fight again?

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