Battlefield Fight League 9 will take place on July 16th from the new Vancouver Convention Center in B.C. The mainevent will feature a featherweight title fight between WCBJJ standout Jeremy Kenndy and Current Excite Fight Featherweight Champion American Tristan Storrs.
The Co-mainevent will be a Middleweight title fight between Carlson Gracie Canada BJJ Expert Justin Lansing and Standout wrestler from WCBJJ Micah Brakefield The fight card will consist of 16 amature MMA fights. Tickets will be on sale through the Fighters and online at on Monday June 6, 2011.

Fight Card:

Jeremy Kennedy (WCBJJ &MMA Port Coquitlam) vs. Tristan Storrs (Legacy MMA) For the vacant BFL Amature Featherweight Title
Justin Lansing (Carlson Gracie Team Canada) vs. Micah Brakefield (West Coast BJJ & MMA) For Battlefield Fight League Amature Middleweight Title
Stuart Deleurme (RDC) vs. Leo Xavier (Universal MMA) welterweight
David Kennedy (WCBJJ & MMA Port Coquitlam) vs. Jonathan Agnew (Suitela Fight Club) lightweight
Jer Kornelsen (Impact MMA) vs. Jesse Bird (WCBJJ & MMA Abbotsford) middleweight
Chris Hansen (Columbia Martials Arts) vs. Jason Keller (Team Bad Boy outreach) welterweight


Kirk Tse (Universal MMA) vs. Sabi Sanga (Columbia Martial Arts) bantam weight
Hitam Treadwell (Independent) vs. Darren Cheekinew(Team Karma) light heavy weight
Jacob Harness (Spokane BJJ) vs. Morgan Bentley (WCBJJ &MMA Port Coquitlam) 160 pound catchweight
Andre Da Silva (Raw Academy) vs. Andrew Valliquette (Wolfes Den) welterweight
Ben Cote (Carlson Gracie Team Canada) vs. Sean Roche (Dojang Studio) welterweight
Alfred Leslie (Team Huge) vs. Prince Mahey (Independant) featherweight
Levon Kinley (Universal MMA) vs. David Klonsky (Independant) lightweight