BFL44 Live Results

BFL44 Official Results

Here are the official results for BFL44 from the Hard Rock Casino Vancouver
Chris Anderson defeats Curtis Harriott at 3:53 of the first by TKO
Jamie Siraj defeated Nick Ghaeni at 4.14 of the third by submission – High elbow guillotine choke – NEW CHAMP
Kevin Kellerman defeats Vaz Lep at 2:47 of the second by TKO
Keenan Kellar defeated Cass Young at 2:44 of the first by TKO – GNP
James Foster vs Jordan Cabrejos – Majority Draw
Navid Mirzaei defeats Kody Smith at 10 seconds of the second by TKO
Paul Cowie defeats Brett Zalapski at 2:36 of the second round by tapout – RNC
Matt Lepper defeats Paul Fisher at 1:56 of the first round by tapout – RNC
Gwyn Berry defeats Shane Baki at 1:43 of the second by TKO
Lupita Godinez defeats Ali Cranmer (5-0)
Rafael Escobar defeats Alex Green (5-0)

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