BFL37 Live results

Here are the the live results from the Hard Rock Casino

Ryan Janes defeats Brendan Kornberger at 46 seconds of the fourth round by tapout due to RNC

Dejan Kajic defeats David Perron by split decision

Main Card
Gary Mangat defeats Damen Wood by unanimous decision
Tristan Connelly defeats Shawn Albrecht at 4:21 of the first round by TKO
Curtis Harriott defeats Ryan Ballingall at 3:53 of the first by verbal tapout due to armbar

Liam Stevenson defeats Ryan Leask at 1:58 of the third by tapout due to a ‘calf slicer’
Travis Lussier defeats James Foster by unanimous decision
Colm considine defeats Scott Pipping at 1:28 of the first round by tapout due to armbar
Mitch Burke defeats Paul Welters by unanimous decision
Darcy Giles defeats Kody Smith at 2:13 of the first by ref stoppage due to a spinning liver kick
Daniel Lovestead defeats Josh Wilton at 19 seconds of the first round by tapout due to an armbar
Levi Baptiste defeats Cody Filion at 2:11 of the third by ref stoppage due to RNC

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