BFL36 Live Results

Live BFL36 results from River Rock Casino in Richmond, BC
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Ash Mashreghi defeats Dejan Kajic at 1:35 of the third round by tapout due to RNC
Ryan Allen defeats Jared Revel by unanimous decision
Chris Anderson defeats Mazadak Pourbohloul at 2:42 of the second by KO
Tylor Nicholson vs Jameel Hosseini – No contest due to unintentional foul
Achilles Estremadura defeats Yannick Paré at 16 seconds of the first round by KO
Christian Tremayne defeats Cole Smith by unanimous decision
Gaggan Gill defeats Christian Allart at 1:41 of the first by ref stoppage due to a guillotine choke
James Foster defeats Darcy Jiles by unanimous decision
Terrance Chan defeats Ali Wasuk by unanimous decision
Taylor Christopher defeats Spencer Croteau by unanimous decision
Blake Sigvaldason defeats Paul Kane by unanimous decision

  1. cole train ftw!

  2. Blake Sigvaldason is going to put on a show! Watch that guy mayne!

  3. Is break over yet??

  4. Have to commend you guys, this is a rock-solid feed this time. Huge improvement. Quality is great and the replays were nicely done. The fights were great tonight.

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