Battlefield Fight League will return to Penticton B.C. in Nov for BFL 19. This card will be headlined by a welterweight title fight between Ryan Chiappe and Matt Dwyer. This card will also feature the pro debut of Battlefield Amateur champion Micah Brakefield. Please visit this page on a daily basis for updates and ticketing information.

Fight Card:
Matt Dwyer (3-1 BFL) vs. Ryan Chiappe (3-0 BFL9-7) for BFL pro welterweight title
Micah Brakefield (5-2 BFL ammy) vs. Stephan Fritsche (0-0 BFL 5-2) middleweight
Mike Adams (0-1 BFL 6-1) vs. Roy Bradshaw (9-15) featherweight
Mark Dobie (1-1 BFL3-3) vs. Nolan Clark (0-1 BFL4-11) welterweight
Darwin Douglas (0-2 BFL3-5) vs. Dave Logan (0-3 BFL1-11) middleweight
Joe Pirrotta (1-1 BFL ammy2-1) vs. Matt Shannon (0-1 BFL1-6) 137 catchweight
Marlan Hall (0-1 BFL ammy) vs. Gagan Gill (1-0 BFL ammy2-0) featherweight
Brandon Shorter (0-0 BFL ammy 2-1) vs. Cleve Bentley (0-1 BFL) 158 catchweight
Justin Aujla-Field (0-0 BFL ammy) vs. James Foster (1-0 BFL ammy) 175 catchweight
Bryce Kilpatrick (1-0 BFL ammy2-1) vs. Cuba Echegoyen (0-0 BFL) welterweight
Alex Ziesk (0-0 BFL ammy) vs. Devon Gaipo (0-0 BFL ammy) Bantamweight